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Is the Hard Working Hardband That Keeps on Working Hard

Welcome to Liquidmetal Coatings, the company that has been supplying Armacor to the oil and gas industry for more than 17 years. Armacor has remained the choice product on drill pipe because it is the hard working hardband that simply keeps on working hard. It has proven itself in tool joints and casing applications, supporting the drilling efforts of operating companies and contract drillers in some of the harshest and most challenging drilling environments around the globe. >> Find Out More

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The Hardbanding Choice

When selecting a hardband, consider and evaluate the following critical variables. Do not hesitate to pose these questions to your drill pipe manufacturer, distributor or hardbanding application company. >> Find Out More

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Tool Joint Compatibility

Armacor’s extremely low carbon content ensures its compatibility with the tool joint. Non-uniform, high angle welds have the potential for generating high, frictional heat. >> Find Out More

Nanocrystalline/amorphous alloy coatings are the foundation for Armacor products. They form a structure very different from crystalline alloy coatings used by other similar products. In the amorphous structure, atoms are randomly placed in a continuous coating, preventing corrosion-path grain boundaries. Armacor’s low coefficient of friction amorphous metals:

  • Deliver superior wear resistance from abrasive particles in metal-to-metal contact conditions
  • Provide excellent non work-hardening machineability and outstanding resistance to cavitation
  • Offer improved corrosion resistance to oxidation and sulfidation reactions at elevated temperatures